Home-y: Displaying Art in Your Kitchen

Have some prints or new thrift store finds? Looking for some simple ideas to spruce up the place?

Well look not further than this little studio I call home. While I’m still saving up and hunting down key pieces, I do enjoy adding little elements of surprises in unconventional areas, like my kitchen.


Dishes protector

I found this little golden hippo from this event a couple of years back. He felt much at home as the keeper of dishes. It’s nice to see him whenever I reach for my cereal bowl.

Jake Loves Burrito

Adventure Time Loving

I adopted this idea from work where we hid caricatures and artwork of creative coworkers in the cabinets of the lunchroom. This was mainly to keep the place as a professional environment, but it was always fun to see who will pop up when you reach up for your coffee mug. I added this funny print of Jake of Adventure Time hugging his beloved burrito on behalf of Valentine’s day.

Walter Mitty

Little Reminders

Little quotes and pep talks are also great little reminders to keep around the place. I have my favorite quotes printed and posted in almost every room, even the bathroom! But more on that later… this one is from the movie The Secret Life of Walter Mitty about travel.  

Paper Flower

Pom Pom Pop!

This was an unexpected easy display. I made this paper flower corsage from the unforgettable Fake Prom hosted by Unique Space. She now brightens up my cupboards with her dainty petals.

Hope these simple little ideas have you thinking of new ways to display your artwork!