Florals: Deconstructing your flowers

I had so much fun the other night crafting this post. Last week marked my birthday where I spent the weekend exploring Big Sur and celebrating my actual birthday (Tuesday) in my office and got confetti bomb!

My company has amazing taste in florals so I got to bring this gorgeous thing home. After a couple of days, some of the flowers were wilting so I decided to deconstruct the bouquet and get more out of each beautiful flower and leaf. So this is what I came up with!

  • smaller floral bouquets
  • simple wreath
  • shower aromatherapy
  • natural confetti
  • rose water

Deconstruct: It helps if you group your flowers so you know what you have to work with and how much.

Group and recut the stems of the flowers to make a smaller, simple arrangement. You can use a mug or cup if you don’t have a smaller vase.

Petal Power: I found this post on how to make rose water.

Upgrade your shower to a mini spa by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus near the shower head.

Gather the remaining leaves and tied them together to make a simple wreath.

Or….use your hole punch and punch out some natural confetti to toss at someone special!


DIY: Jewelry Organization


Does your jewelry box ever end up looking like this? This was one of my first diy life hacks that took less than 20 minutes and has saved me a ton of time sifting and untangling chains!


Empty drawer (you can also use a nice tray or shelf)

Small empty jewelry boxes, teacups, rice bowls, or plastic trays


Okay, so this part is simple enough, arrange the empty boxes and lids however you like!


And volia! Everything in its own place!