Florals: Deconstructing your flowers

I had so much fun the other night crafting this post. Last week marked my birthday where I spent the weekend exploring Big Sur and celebrating my actual birthday (Tuesday) in my office and got confetti bomb!

My company has amazing taste in florals so I got to bring this gorgeous thing home. After a couple of days, some of the flowers were wilting so I decided to deconstruct the bouquet and get more out of each beautiful flower and leaf. So this is what I came up with!

  • smaller floral bouquets
  • simple wreath
  • shower aromatherapy
  • natural confetti
  • rose water

Deconstruct: It helps if you group your flowers so you know what you have to work with and how much.

Group and recut the stems of the flowers to make a smaller, simple arrangement. You can use a mug or cup if you don’t have a smaller vase.

Petal Power: I found this post on how to make rose water.

Upgrade your shower to a mini spa by hanging a bundle of eucalyptus near the shower head.

Gather the remaining leaves and tied them together to make a simple wreath.

Or….use your hole punch and punch out some natural confetti to toss at someone special!


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