Olive’s Review: Tieks Ballet Flats

Foldable flats are convenient for any occasion. You can throw them in your bag after a night of intense stiletto walking, pack them in your suitcase for traveling, or slip them on for everyday errands.  For those of you who haven’t heard of Tieks ballet flats, they are foldable leather shoes known for their thick signature teal soles. Though they can be a little pricey (starting at $175), I’ll take you through a full review of what to expect from these shoes.

Tieks Shoes

First off, if you sign up for their mailing list you can expect to receive special promotional codes every now and then that include 25% to 30% off discounts on all Tieks shoes. I purchased my first pair this past holiday season on a promotional code and was excited when the little blue package arrived.

Everything that comes with your pair of Tieks

My chestnut colored flats came in a bright teal box with a flower headband, a Tieks shoe bag to place your flats in your purse, a handwritten card from a Tieks member and a reusable shoulder sack to carry your heels.

By the way, their customer service is great! Initially, they were sold out of this color when I purchased them but a Tieks rep notified me of a choice to choose another color or wait for the next shipment. I decided to wait and was surprised that the shipment of chestnut colored flats came in sooner than expected!


Alright, back to the shoes! The sizes on the site are accurate though no half sizes exist so I recommend going up a size if your feet tend to swell. So if you are a 6 1/2, I would purchase a 7.

Now, I have to admit when first wearing them around office they did make that funny duck noise from the new rubber soles rubbing against the tiles but that went away after breaking them in. Also every now and then I do catch myself tripping from the front of the soles snagging the carpet but that could just be me!


Its been over a little over a month since I had my Tieks and I just notice a small part of leather wearing off on the back of shoes. I recommend caring for your Tieks by cleaning them with leather wipes every couple of months depending on how often you wear them. The ones I use are from Weiman because they have UVX- 15 that protects from the sun and they are also gentle enough to use on your handbags, belts and other leather goods.

Tieks Back View

Overall, I love my Tieks. They are so comfortable that they tend to be my go-to shoes and they look great with almost every outfit. Every now and then I do get compliments from the eye-catching teal soles and people ask me where they can purchase a pair! So check out Tieks if you haven’t already and try a pair!

Quick recap:


  • Pretty packaging
  • Light and comfy
  • Foldable for easy packing
  • Thick soles with an eye-catching color


  • Pricey
  • Leather slightly wears off from excessive wear
  • Does not provide center support at all for people with high arches

UPDATE: Tieks is hosting a giveaway! 14 pairs for 2014. You could be one of the lucky winners! Good luck!


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